How to Use Free Online Tools to Recruit and Manage Remote LIS Interns

R. Niccole Westbrook


Practicum students from library and information science programs can be valuable additions to a library workforce. However, some institutions might not be located near enough to a library school, might lack workstations needed to host interns or might be wary of the considerable time and effort required to establish and administer an internship experience in their department. For such libraries, hosting a remote internship program—in which participants conduct work off-site—might be a viable option. This article describes how to use free online tools—such as blogs, Google Tools and more—to recruit and manage interns or volunteers. The use of online tools allows all work and interaction to occur remotely and has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of time managers spend overseeing projects and interacting with reports after initial setup. The author has established successful remote internship programs using online tools for the University of Houston Digital Library as well as the South Asian American Digital Archive and will discuss each as a case study providing tips and tricks for institutions that wish to establish similar programs. Additionally, the online recruitment and management techniques described in this article could also streamline administration of in-person volunteer or intern recruitment and management efforts.


online management; interns; volunteers; practicum; field experience; remote work;

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