Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

Inaugural Issue :: In honor of Prof. Alan Wineman

We are proud to bring out the inaugural issue of the journal in honor of Professor Alan Wineman, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Professor- Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Professor- Biomedical engineering, University of Michigan, who is a member of our Editorial Advisory Board. We take this opportunity to honor his years of commitment to the growth of mechanics. In a career spanning over 4 decades, he has worked extensively in wide range of topics from the general development of symmetry groups for history dependent materials, nonlinear viscoelastic solids, electrorheological fluids, diffusion and swelling of polymers, multinetwork theories to model the degradation of polymers, internal clock models etc.

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Sivakumar M. Srinivasan, Arun R. Srinivasa
Shear deformation of a non-linear solid undergoing deterioration of material properties PDF
K. R. Rajagopal, A. Muliana 1-14
Shear localization and damage in metallic glasses at high homologous temperatures PDF
R Ekambaram, Prakash Thamburaja, R Nikabdullah 15-29
Elastic Plastic and Damage Model for Concrete Materials : Part I - Theoretical Formulation PDF
George Z. Voyiadjis, Ziad N Taqieddin 31-59
Two configurational approaches on the modelling of continuum dislocation inelasticity PDF
Andreas Menzel, Bob Svendsen 61-72
Differences in tension and compression in the nonlinearly elastic bending of beams PDF
M. Destrade, Jeremiah G. Murphy, B. Rashid 73-81
Smooth Conformal α-NEM for Gradient Elasticity PDF
Amirtham Rajagopal, M. Scherer, Paul Steinmann, N. Sukumar 83-109
Models for Shape Memory Alloy Behavior: An overview of modeling approaches PDF
Ashish Khandelwal, Vidyashankar Buravalla 111-148
A 3-species model for shape memory alloys PDF
Ashok K. Nallathambi, Srikrishna Doraiswamy, A.S. Chandrasekar, Sivakumar M. Srinivasan 149-170
Effects of cycling on the pseudoelastic properties of CuAlMnNi & TiNi based pseudoelastic alloys PDF
N Shajil, Dipjyoti Das, Lakshman Chandrasekaran 171-185
Elastic Plastic and Damage Model for Concrete Materials: Part II: Elastic Plastic and Damage Model for Concrete Materials: Part II: PDF
Ziad N. Taquieddin, George Voyiadjis 187-209
Simulation of Powder Compaction using Equal Channel Angular Extrusion at Room Temperature: Comparison of Two Constitutive Theories PDF
Anshul Kaushik, Ibrahim Karaman, Arun R Srinivasa 211-226

ISSN: 2163-8160