The Bauschinger Effect in Different Heat Treatment Conditions of 42CrMo4

Arne Ellermann, B. Scholtes


Although the Bauschinger effect was investigated for many materials, there are only few results concerning hardened or low annealed steels. Since those materials often are plastically deformed, e.g. due to straightening processes, there is a great concern to know about the effect of the material on the Bauschinger effect and its relation to changes in microstructure. Hereby uncertainties in daily application of work pieces can be avoided and straightening processes may be improved. The Bauschinger effect is examined in the steel 42CrMo4 in common heat treatment conditions in tension-compression as well as in bending tests with load reversal. In addition X-ray examination is carried out to measure the development of residual stresses in the material. In particular it is shown that there is no direct correlation between the strength of the material and the magnitude of the occurring Bauschinger effect.

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