Gosse Jan Steendam, Yvo Provoost, Jentsje van der Meer


In March 2011 new wave overtopping tests have been performed in the Netherlands. In contrast to previous tests the grass cover of this dike was not maintained well, which had significant effect on erosion stability. Additionally, for the first time a pilot test has been made on wave run-up from an asphalt berm onto the grass covered upper slope of the dike. The tested dike sections had a sand core covered by a layer of clay and a grass cover. The objective was to test the erosion stability of seaward and landward slopes for wave overtopping as well as wave run-up. For the wave overtopping also the influence on erodibility of the grass cover caused by obstacles or other elements, which may be present at dikes (stairs, fences), was investigated.


Wave overtopping; wave run-up, wave overtopping simulator; testing on real dikes


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