George F. Turk, Jeffrey A. Melby


In 1996, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory in conjuction with Oregon State University and Concrete Technology Corporation, Tacoma WA, conducted the first structural response experiments of the new concrete armor unit, CORE-LOC*. Large scale 32-kg and prototype 9.2-tonne core-loc units, were molded, cast, and fitted with surface-mounted strain gages. The units were subjected to repeated impact loads generated during drop tests. In addition to the CORE-LOC" drop test, similiar tests were conducted on 26-kg and 10.9-tonne dolosse. The structural response to these loads were recorded and analyzed. Measured maximum tensile stresses in CORE-LOC* were approximately half those in similiar size dolosse.


CORE-LOC; structural response; impact response

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