Jacco Groeneweg, Jurjen A. Battjes


Measurements of mean velocity profiles in a wave-current flume have shown some features for which the mechanism is far from trivial. A 2DV model based on the so-called Generalized Lagrangian Mean formulation is developed to study the influence of waves on the mean motion, the mean horizontal velocity in particular. This influence can be split in two parts, viz. a direct effect of the waves via wave-induced driving forces and an indirect effect of waves via secondary circulations. To include both effects an existing 1DV model is extended by introducing lateral variations including side-wall boundary layers. Resulting formulations have been implemented in an existing 2DV non-hydrostatic numerical flow model. Computations for regular waves following and opposing a turbulent current have been carried out and compared with both experimental results and results from an existing numerical model.


channel; wave/current interaction; current

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