John R.C. Hsu, Richard Silvester


In geomorphological terms, the sandy shoreline of a bay downcoast of a harbor may be stable or in static equilibrium, or could be in dynamic condition, if sediment is still being supplied from upcoast or from downcoast to form a salient predicted by a static bay shape equation. Should commercial expansion demand a larger port, the general solution is to run a breakwater from the headland or existing structure. This has the potential to create a new static equilibrium beach, often with accretion in the lee which is at the expense of beach erosion downcoast. It is strongly recommended that geomorphic approach be incorporated to stabilize downcoast beaches early in the planning stage of a harbor, or as remedial measures. By creating bay beaches in static equilibrium, the potential beach erosion downcoast of a harbor will be kept to a minimum or may be prevented completely.


harbor; harbor extension; stabalized beach

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