Alexander Khabidov, Yuri Bazhenov, Marina Glodenis, Nadya Ivanova, Liya Kaskevitch, Oleg Rybak, Valery Savkin, Anatoly Trizno, Grigory Zelensky, Vaniamin Yedapin


The problem of coastal erosion in Russia became especially urgent in 50th- 60th during the extensive river damming, taking place mainly in the regions valuable for society. To prevent erosion, which spanned thousands of kilometres of new shoreline different shore protection techniques were used, including hard structures, shoreface and beach nourishment as well as hybrid methods. Most if not all of these techniques were previously applied on Novosibirsk Reservoir, one of the first Russian large man-made lakes. Long-term observations of structures state and recent studying of response of the coastal environment on the projects emplacing testify the greater efficiency of coastal stabilization by beach nourishment programs and hybrid structures.


beach nourishment; shore protection; coastal structure

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