N. Booij, L.H. Holthuijsen, R.C. Ris


The numerical model SWAN (Simulating WAves Nearshore) for the computation of wave conditions in shallow water with ambient currents is briefly described. The model is based on a fully spectral representation of the action balance equation with all physical processes modelled explicitly. No a priori limitations are imposed on the spectral evolution. This makes the model a third-generation model. In Holthuijsen et al. (1993) and Ris et al. (1994) test cases for propagation, generation and dissipation have been shown without currents. Current effects have now been added and academic cases are shown here. The model is also applied in a fairly academic case of a shallow lake (Lake George, Australia) and in a complex, realistic case of an inter-tidal area with currents (Friesche Zeegat, the Netherlands). The results are compared with observations. A new development to formulate the model on a curvi-linear grid to accommodate linkage to hydro-dynamic circulation models is presented and a first test is shown.


SWAN; wave model; shallow water

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