Xu Wang, Li-Hwa Lin, Hsiang Wang


A modified modeling law based on the comprehensive work by Wang, etal. (1990) has been derived with the assumptions that the suspended sediment transport is the dominant mode under storm wave condition inside the surf zone and the wave breaking index is preserved. This, in essence, adds to the constraint that wave height is properly modelled in accordance to the preservation of breaking index instead of simple vertical geometrical scale. Four different scaling laws including the one proposed presently were examined in the laboratory using 2-D wave tank and 3-D basin models. The model results were compared to prototype data from German large wave tank experiment. The model performances under different scaling laws were evaluated separately in the dune region and bar region of the entire model beach profile. Several statistics, including the errors of sand bar location, bar volume, bar profile, dune erosion volume, and dune profile, between model and prototype, were calculated and the result showed that the newly proposed scaling law presented the best overall model performance among the ones compared.


physical model; scaling effect; beach response

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