A.R. Van Dongeren, F.E. Sancho, I.A. Svendsen, U. Putrevu


A depth-integrated, short wave-averaged nearshore circulation model is presented, which includes the effects of the 3-D current structure over depth. The model includes the description of time-varying currents such as infra-gravity waves. Two numerical schemes are developed, which will be used for intercomparison in the absence of analytical solutions. An absorbing-generating boundary condition is developed based on the Method of Characteristics in order to allow propagating waves to leave the computational domain with a minimum of reflection while specifying incoming waves at the same boundaries. The model is tested for the time-varying start-up of a longshore current on a cylindrical coast, and the temporal development of both the cross-shore profiles of the longshore current and characteristic samples of the vertical structure of the velocity profiles are given.


quasi-3D model; SHORECIRC; nearshore model

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