Willem T. Bakker, Nico F. Kersting, Hanz D. Niemeyer


Using line modeling, in the scope of the NOURTEC project a prediction is made concerning the behavior of the shoreface nourishment of Terschelling and an evaluation concerning the behavior of the combined supply on beach and shoreface at Norderney. Computations suggest smaller longshore diffusitivity on the upper beach than on the zone between NAP-1 m to -3 m for Terschelling and the inverse for Norderney (groynes 1) . Cross-shore diffusitivity at Norderney appears to be much larger than at Terschelling. If further investigations substantiate those results, these lead to the conclusion, that shoreface nourishment at Norderney is still more preferable than at Terschelling.


line-modeling; nourishment; shoreface

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