Bruno Chilo, Franco Guiducci


The damage of rubble mound breakwater is a basic interest in the field of design and realisation of coastal works. The individuation of formulations to associate this element with the geometrical characteristics of structures and wave climate conditions is carried out using physical model tests. It is therefore necessary to implement an objective damage valuation method able to point out armour units movements on the layer from the settlement phase to the collapse. A methodology able to permit an exact measurement of the external layer armour units movements and its damage has been carried out by ESTRAMED S.p.A.; it consists on a computerised analysis of armour units movements in order to give an objective valuation of the damage. Such methodology is based on photographic images analysis of the armour taken from a fixed point The procedure permits to determine the position of each armour unit on the images relative to the subsequential damage stages and the movement of each armour unit.


computerized methodology; rubble mound breakwater; breakwater; breakwater damage

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