Carlos Pena, Vicente Carrion, Ana Castaneda


Barcelona is the second city in Spain (2.3 million inhabitants) after Madrid (4 million) and is also the city that held the last Olympic Games in July 1992. Just at the sea-front of the city is the port of Barcelona, the most important in Spain. The coast of the province of Barcelona is divided in two at this point. The northern part of Barcelona's coast runs from this port up to the mouth of the Tordera river, which is the border between the provinces of Barcelona and Girona. These are 47 kms of the Spanish coast whicharc very heavily degradated in some parts. In its natural state it was a continuous and broad sandy beach 47 km. long and is some points two or three hundred meters wide, mantained by the sediments transported to the coast by Tordera and other small rivers. Fig. 12 shows the situation of Barcelona in Spain and on the Mediterranean sea. Fig. 2 shows the distribution of wave height all along the different directions focusing on the Barcelona coast. Data of this distribution comes from the well known visual data provided by ships.


Barcelona; coastal monitoring

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