A.H. Holtzhausen, J.A. Zwamborn


This paper describes the derivation of a stability formula for dolosse based on the physical model test results of Scholtz et. al. (1982) and Holtzhausen et. al. (1990). The derivation of the formula is based on dimensional analysis and subsequent curve fitting with a non-linear multi-variate regression model. The statistical treatment of the data made it also possible to estimate the confidence intervals. Variables included in the formula are wave height, wave period, percentage displacement, dolos waist-to-height ratio, and armour unit density. Since not enough data were available to describe the effect of armour slope, only data for a slope of 1:1.5 were used. The test conditions and thus the derived formula represents deep water wave attack, that is, without a specific foreshore slope.


dolos; dolos stability; stability formula

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