J.S. Schoonees, J.W.J. Kluger, J.A. Zwamborn


The Port of Saldanha, situated 120 km north-west of Cape Town, South Africa, is protected from the dominant south-south-westerly swell conditions by a sand breakwater which is presently eroding. This paper summarises the results of the monitoring of the breakwater, which consisted of aerial and beach photographs as well as hydrographic surveys. Another part of the investigation was to examine the reasons for the erosion (found by the monitoring to be increasing) on the basis of the prevailing environmental conditions such as wind, waves and currents. To do this the wind and nearshore wave climates were determined. Subsequently, the optimum alignment of the sand breakwater was calculated by three different methods. The equilibrium slope of the breakwater, which was also determined, indicated that the design slope was too steep. Of the remedial measures considered, namely, the use of sand or rock, the latter was chosen.


breakwater; sand breakwater; Saldanha Breakwater; breakwater damage

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