Shih-Duenn Kuo


As shown in Fig.l the main fairway of Port of Kaohsiung is running from north to south with a length of 12 kilometers. To the west, there is a sand bar served as a natural breakwater, the so called outer Breakwater, to provide the port and resident's property the necessary safety and security. Recently, due to rapid growth of container traffic and bulk cargo transportation, Port of Kaohsiung has developed some parts of the outer breakwater near the 2nd Harbor Entrance as Container Terminal No.4 with seven 14-meter-deep, 320-meter-long container berths and about 100 hectares container yard on northern side, and coal Terminal with 16-meter-deep, 320-meter-long berth and a huge storage yard on southern side. Therefore, the shore protection along the area become more and more important year by year. So far, some 6-kilometer seawall and 20 groynes have built successively, and already played a very important role for the shore protection there.


shore protection; Kaohsiung Harbor; outer breakwater; breakwater

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