C. David Anglin, William F. Baird, Etienne P.D. Mansard, R. Douglas Scott, David J. Turcke


There is a general lack of knowledge regarding the nature and magnitude of loads acting on armour units used for the protection of rubblemound coastal structures. Thus, a comprehensive design procedure incorporating both the hydraulic stability and the structural integrity of the armour units does not exist. This paper presents the results of a detailed parametric study of the structural response of armour units to wave-induced loading in a physical breakwater model. The effect of the following design parameters is investigated: breakwater slope, armour unit location, wave period and wave height. This research has made a number of significant contributions towards the development of a comprehensive design procedure for concrete armour units. It has identified a linear relationship between the wave-induced stress in the armour units and the incident wave height. In addition, it has shown that the conditional probability of waveinduced stress given wave height can be estimated by a log-normal distribution. Finally, a preliminary design chart has been developed which incorporates both the structural integrity and the hydraulic stability of the armour units.


parametric study; armor unit; structural response

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