R.M. Sorensen, N.J. Beil


Wave tank experiments were conducted to investigate the response of a perched beach profile to storm wave attack. Irregular waves having a JONSWAP spectrum were used for all of the test runs. Beach profile erosion was measured initially for a 1:20 slope nourished profile without a toe structure in place. This established base test profiles for comparison with subsequent erosion profiles with a toe structure or sill in place. The subsequent tests with a sill were conducted with the sill placed at a range of depths along the nourished profile slope. Each of the test conditions was subjected to erosive wave attack for 42 hours with periodic interruptions for measurement of resulting beach profiles. Test results are presented and interpreted to evaluate the effect of the sill structure on beach profile response and the effectiveness of the structure in retaining the beach. Scaling of the results to prototype conditions is also discussed.


perched beach; beach profile; profile response

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