H.S. Hou


Taiwan is now served by five international ports, two of which were newly opened since 1970. They have been under continuous expansion in recent years to meet the needs of the island's burgeoning foreign trade. Due to recent trend of vessel developed to huge load-capacity, the existing port of Taiwan district is inconvenient to the ULCC or VLCC • for decreasing the shipping cost and accomodating the cargo handing of over 100,000 DWT, the deep water port is urgent to be developed in order to promote the competent capability of port cargo handling. This research is divided into two parts, at first, the prediction of cargo handling and the cargo sources which are adapted to the huge vessel shipping need to be studied for the development of deep water port, the next, then the oceanographical data for the design and the planning of deep water wharf and breakwater need to be surveyed around this Island for possible site of deep water port. This study deals with the related problems of deep water breakwater construction and discusses how to apply the present design and construction method to the deep water wharf and breakwater. Further analyses are conducted for this research in the coming three fiscal years.


Port of Taiwan; deep water; feasibility study

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