J.D. Gardner, I.H. Townend, C.A. Fleming


This paper describes Che wave studies, model testing and structural design of a 250 metre long slotted vertical screen breakwater for a marina at Plymouth, England. The marina is being developed by Plymouth City Council to provide a purpose built facility for hosting the major long distance races that start or finish at Plymouth, in addition to the usual marina facilities for private boat owners. After examining three alternative locations Plymouth Council selected a site in the north-east corner of Plymouth Sound as shown in Figure 1. The site is confined on two sides by existing shipping channels and by a rocky shore on the land side. Exposure to wave attack is limited to the south west sector. Because the existing seabed at the marine site was the responsibility of the Duchy of Cornwall, an Act of Parliament was required before Plymouth Council could commence construction. The Act contains clauses regulating the use of the marina and the permissable changes to the wave conditions in the adjacent shipping channels.


breakwater; vertical screen breakwater; slotted breakwater; breakwater design

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