Heie Focken Erchinger


The paper discribes the littoral drift along the Eastfrisian Islands. The inlets between the islands are crossed by offshore bars which migrate round the deep channel of the inlet northwards on a bow. Their point of approaching the next island scatters. That causes periods of accretion during the approach of the bars on the beach and of erosion in certain beach sections without bar approach and sand supply. When an offshore bar approaches a beach it moves a swash channel ahead as a rule. This causes a rising beach erosion by currents and wave wash and hinders the settling of the bar on that beach section. This paper reports a field study on influencing the migration of a bar by building a sand dam through such a swash channel. It was intended of feed the eroded section of the beach by the steered approach of the bar. The accretion by the desired approach of the bar on the eroded beach section was higher than expected and measured more than 270 m'/m.


beach fill; sandbar; sandbar course

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