Kiyoshi Horikawa, Akira Watanabe, Sadakazu Katori


A series of laboratory experiments in an oscillatory tank was carried out to investigate the sheet flow of sediment. Objectives of the study were to determine the criterion for inception of sheet flow, and to evaluate the sediment transport rate under the sheet flow condition. In order to proceed with the investigation, it was necessary to develop devices appropriate for tracing the sediment particle movement, and for measuring the extremely dense sediment concentration in the moving layer of sheet flow. The chief results are: 1) the criteria for the inception of sheet flow given by Manohar C1955) and by Komar and Miller (1974) are both applicable to materials composed of spheroidal particles, and 2) the average rate of sediment transport for sheet flow is well described by an empirical relationship given by Madsen and Grant (1976) for the bed load transport rate on a plane bed in oscillatory flow.


sediment transport; sheet flow; flow condition

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