Neale A. Philip, Philip H. Whaite


The Coastal Engineering Branch of the Public Works Department N.S.W administers the Beach Improvement Programme, a programme of works with an average annual expenditure of one million dollars, for the improvement of the State's public recreational beach amenities. Priority is given to beaches with highest usage, resulting in the first two years' funds being allocated to the densely populated coastal strip between Newcastle and Wollongong. Priority is also assigned to various types of works:- 1. Preservation, conservation or restoration of the beach itself by sand nourishment, dune stabilisation, seawall demolition; 2. Erosion control where appropriate, by seawall and revetment construction and land acquisition; 3. Provision of facilities such as car parks, access roads, dressing sheds and toilet blocks; 4. Beautification such as grassing and tree planting. The near city beaches in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong have mostly been fully developed with seawalls and promenades behind the beach berm, while in outer Metropolitan areas, the beaches have been left in a more natural state, with some development such as car parks and dressing pavillions on or behind the sand dunes.


beach improvement; improvement program; New South Wales

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