James R. Walker, Peter J. Williams


This project was undertaken to define the littoral processes and resultant shoaling mechanisms at the Santa Cruz Harbor California, entrance channel and to develop and evaluate alternative methods of mitigating the shoaling effects. Since November 1963, when the construction of the entrance channel was finished, the channel has shoaled such that it was almost completely closed during the winter months. The study involved analysis of shoaling mechanisms and contour changes and review of past dredging procedures. Sixteen structural and non-structural alternatives for mitigation of shoaling were analyzed. A phased-dredging procedure was developed and tested over 3 winter seasons. The concept was to dredge the channel periodically each winter while shoaling occurs, thereby keeping the Harbor open to navigation most of the time. The experience gained at this site may be of benefit to others in solving a shoaling problem or in designing a new small-craft harbor.


phase dredging; dredging program; Santa Cruz Harbor

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