Hideaki Noda


There are many practical problems related to coastal engineering, which may be solved by using movable bed scale models of the coastal zone. The scale model must obey the laws of sediment transport in order to obtain satisfactory results. However, sediment transport in the coastal zones is so complex that the mechanism is not fully understood. Some authors have attempted to find a model law relationship for equilibrium beach profiles. Yalin-'-^ derived a scale law for the offshore zone using a bed velocity based on laminar boundary conditions. Brebner, Karaphuis and Paul^' have performed extensive experimental tests on movable-bed models using light weight sediment, and Le Mehaute^) presented a scaling law for coastal movable-bed models in the breaker zones. The purpose of this study is finally to determine the scale law relationship for coastal movable-bed model. As first step, this paper concerns itself with the derivation of proper scale laws for modeling of equilibrium beaches.


equilibrium beach profile; scale relation; beach profile

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