Hajime Kato, Hiroichi Tsuruya


This paper presents some experimental results of wind waves generated on currents in a wind-wave channel with a water circulation pump system. The waves were measured at fetches less than 27.8 m by using resistance-type wave gauges. Surface velocities as well as velocity profiles in water were also measured elaborately and true frequency wave spectra were obtained from observed apparent spectra which were modified by the doppler effect of current. Significant wave heights Hwj computed from r)2 and peak frequencies of true spectra fprn were examined with emphasis. It was inferred from the variation of true spectra that the most prominent effect of water current is to change the effective fetch length. Then an idea of equivalent fetch length was proposed to express the current effect on the development of total wave energy. By using the equivalent fetch F' in place of the natural fetch it is shown that Hj/3 and fQm measured under various current conditions can be represented by the non-dimensional fetch relations, respectively, which were originally obtained in the case of no current.


experimental study; wind waves; current

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