A. Fuhrboter, H.H. Dette, J. Grune


Damages on seadykes and revetments are mainly caused by wave impacts due to breaking waves. These impact forces act on small areas for a very short time and cause crater-like formations, when the forces are transmitted instantaneously to the side-walls of cracks in the cover of dykes or through joints into and below revetments. In this paper the results of investigations on impact forces are presented. A comparison of field data and laboratory data proves considerable differences, which must be explained mainly by the different air entrapment for prototype and small-scale conditions in the breaking waves. Both the data from field and small-scale model emphasize, that the slope of the dyke or revetment is responsible at first for frequency and magnitude of the impact forces. Furthermore the effect of impact forces is demonstrated by the results of investigations on the stability of stone revetments with joints.


dike; dike response; wave impact

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