A.A. Kadib


Estimating the rate of sediment deposition and annual maintenance dredging at offshore dredged channels have been two of the most challenging tasks confronting coastal engineers in the past 10 to 15 years. Because of the complexity of the mechanism of sediment-flow interaction and the lack of available practical methods for estimating the sediment transport rate under waves and current action, it is felt that a simple and rational method is needed for describing sediment behavior at offshore dredged channels and estimating accretion rates. It is hoped that this paper contributes to the answer of this problem. The paper describes the mechanism of sediment deposition and presents a simple method for estimating the rate of annual maintenance dredging. The effect of using a submerged breakwater for relieving the sedimentation problem within the dredged channel is also presented.


sedimentation; dredged channel; offshore channel

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