Shin-Lin Liu, R.L. Wiegel


Measurements were made of the water waves generated by the horizontal motion of submerged plungers. The results obtained in a three-dimensional hydraulic model experiment, using a plunger 0.5 ft. wide and 0.25 ft. high, were compared with both the experimental results and theory for the two dimensional case. It was found that at a given location the ratio of the elevation above the still water level (SWL) of the first wave (the largest wave of the group for the range of variables tested) to the displacement of the plunger (HgA) was found to be dependent upon the Froude Number Npa (based upon the average plunger speed and the water depth) and upon the ratio of the height of the plunger to the water depth (D/d). For a constant value of 9, H3/A increased with increasing Npav„ and D/d. A few additional tests were made using a plunger 2.0 ft. wide and 0.25 ft. high. The results show that Ho/A depends also upon the ratio of water depth to the width of the plunger (d/W).


3D hydraulic model; displacement waves; wave generation

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