C. Campos Morais


The paper deals with two-dimensional tests on a scale model of a dolos breakwater. It is related with the construction of a large harbour at Sines for tankers with up to 1 million dwt, ore ships with up to 300,000 dwt, general cargo, etc. The main breakwater is design ed with 40 t dolos, in order to withstand waves with up to 1 1 m significant wave height(100 years return period). Considerations on wave data and on modelling the spectrum ( Pierson-Moskowitz ) precede the presentation of three sets of tests on LNEC's irregular wave flume. Main results are compared with those from regular wave tests. The most important conclusions are stressed: influence of pla_ cement on dolos damages, irrelevance of maintenance, importance of the singular zone of the dolos support base, disadjustment of Hudson's formula for calculation of dolos weight using H as significant wave height,and importance of individual movements for the risk of breaking of individual blocks.


wave attack; dolos; breakwater design; irregular waves

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