M.L. Schwartz, R.C. Fackler, E.A. Hoeraut, C.E. Larsen, K.L. Lingbloom, M.A. Short


Nearshore water transport in the vicinity of Birch Bay and Cherry Point, Washington was investigated during the spring of 1971. The techniques used were: surface floats with variable depth drags, dye patches, streams of paper sheets, wind direction and velocity data, infrared and color aerial photography, and salinity and temperature readings from water samples. Birch Bay flood tide transports water into the bay, and ebb tide carries it out. The latter water either eddies off Point Whitehorn or moves out into the Strait of Georgia. Flood tide at Cherry Point transports water to the Point Whitehorn eddy or into Birch Bay, while on the ebb tide water moves from Cherry Point toward the vicinity of Neptune Beach and Sandy Point.


nearshore current; Strait of Georgia; current

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