A. Roy Halliwell, Martin O'Dell


The paper describes a study of density-currents in locks where there is a net inflow of water into the dock The velocity profiles occurring are different than might be expected by simply superimposing the net flow onto a normal density-current profile The differences are shown to be due to the non-uniform salinity profiles occurring in the docks and a semi-theoretical study is presented which illustrates the importance of this salinity profile The accretion in the docks is explained by the transport of material into the docks during the levelling period The quantitative agreement between estimates based on measurements during the levelling period and the dredged quantities from the dock are good The locking operation is also shown to be an important factor in certain cases An attempt to describe the flow of silt into the dock using the onedimensional diffusion equation has shown that allowance must be made for the pick up of silt off the bed of the lock and the settling of silt (as the velocities drop) if quantitative agreement is to be obtained.


density current; turbulent diffusion; lock

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