T. Carstens, A. Sjoberg


Communication Between sucn coastal resipients of waste water as Days and fjords ana tne ocean is often tnrougn an outlet of small cross section Ine comDineu effects of a topography with transverse riages ana a bracxisn surface layer creates a rather stagnant ooay of water. The ridge or sill ueflects tne tiaal currents away from tne bottom so that only the upper part of the water column is continually flushed Ine stability of the pycnocline prevents surfacegeneratea turbulence from penetrating aownwaras, so tne turbulence in the aeep pool is weak. A scneme nas oeen proposea to store tne nutrients of sewage outfalls Denma tne sill at urjacaK in tne Oslofjora Ine storage capability of that f^ora was estimatec for a conservative outfall constituent by means of a one aimensional aispersion equation From the analysis tne gams of aeep outfalls through aiffusors comparea witn surface outfalls can De estiniatea for various perioas between aeep water inflows, wnicn are observea to occur..


outfall constituents; sill; constituent trapping

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