K. d'Angremond, H.J. Th. Span, J. van der Weide, A.J. Waestenenk


Among the many types of breakwater constructions the so-called "rubblemound" type is widely used For the construction of exposed rubble-mound breakwaters relatively large units are necessary to create a stable structure In many places in the world rock of the required size is not available at reasonable cost, which gave rise to the development of a great variety of armour units Lately also the use of asphalt in breakwater construction has proved feasible The experience gained during the construction of several projects in the Netherlands resulted in a special method of the use of stone-asphalt in breakwater construction Several cross-sections based on this concept were sub|ected to model tests to compare their behaviour under wave-attack with that of conventional crosssections It appeared that the increase in stability can be expressed in terms of an "upgrading factor" Attention was also paid to wave run-up Finally, examples of other applications will be presented which incorporate both practical experience and basic research.


asphalt; breakwater construction; asphalt breakwater

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