Donald R. Wells, Robert M. Sorenson


A vertical circular cylinder to simulate a pile was installed in the Texas A&M Hydrodynamics Lab two dimensional wave tank along with a built up section containing a horizontal bed of fine sand This was subjected to monochromatic waves of differing characteristics and conditions for mcipi ent motion were observed for each of three sands Also, the magnitude and pattern of ultimate scour and the time interval required to reach this state were measured for six different conditions of wave steepness and relative depth These results were related to influential parameters, including wave, pile and sediment character istics, and developed by dimensional analysis with consideration of the literature pertaining to past work on the movement of sediment by oscillatory flow Conclusions regarding the critical flow velocity for incipient motion, the effect of the above parameters on incipient motion and ultimate scour depth, the time required tor maximum scour, the significance of eddies generated by the pile, and the catalytic action of the pile in causing the initiation of scour are presented The above conclusions are also generally discussed in light of the difficulties involved in extend ing the results to prototype conditions.


scour; circular cylinder; wave motion

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