Wilbur Marks, Gerard E. Jarlan


Model tests on a perforated breakwater system were carried out to evaluate effectiveness in different states of sea. Force measurements were made in three long-crested irregular wave systems and, by spectral analysis, the full-scale statistical characteristics of force were obtained. The effect of perforating the back wall was studied to determine the extent of further reduction of force on the structure. An interior perforated wall was also added for force reduction but was not as effective as the perforated back wall. The system was mounted on piles and imbedded in sand for a quasi-quantitative study of scouring in regular waves. In this case, the elevation of the breakwater walls above the sandy bottom was varied. Both the perforations and the elevation contributed to significant reduction in observed scour. The end result of these experiments is to provide information on the kind of improved performance that might be expected as each variation is introduced which, in turn provides input to design for particular applications.


breakwater design; perforated breakwater; experimental study

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