Per Bruun


Tests were run at Fernandina Beach, Florida, using fluorescent tracers and bed load traps with automatic doors and hydraulic lift to determine the thickness of the bed load transport layer on the bottom ("bottom creep") (ref.l). Four special bed load traps with hydraulic remote controlled doors were installed on an ab. 800 ft. long pier. Fig. 1. Tracers of various colours were dumped at various distances from the pier. Two types of bottom profiles, Fig. 2, "berm profile" and Fig. 3, "bar-profile" were tested. As an example Fig. 4 shows test arrangement and wave action for test No. 17 (berm profile). Longshore wave power for this particular test was 1,5 Watts per ft of wave (one Watt is ab. 0,1 kg m/sec or ab. 0,0014- Horse Power), H, ,, was o,45 m, T, ,„ was 4-5 sec.


littoral drift; Fernandina Beach, Florida; fluorescent tracers

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