J. Duvivier


Administrative difficulties sometimes inhibit the transfer of beach shingle from areas where there is a surplus to areas where there is a shortage and it may be necessary to form an artificial beach of ballast dug from an inland pit or of quarried stone to reinforce the defense works or as a substitute for them. Coast erosion may be caused by a seasonal reversal of the prevailing drift, or by the protection of a previously eroding frontage up-drift, or by building harbour works, or by attrition of beach material, and the recharging of a beach with imported stone may be a cheaper and more satisfactory all round solution than the progressive underpinning of sea walls.
Nevertheless it can be a costly expedient and it is necessary to be able to compare the resistance of the imported material to loss by attrition with the behaviour of the natural beach material. The paper describes some simple tests which were carried out in an attempt to evaluate the relative resistance of various quarried stones and natural beaches to attrition,


beach shingle; erosion resistance of sediment

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