Masashi Hom-ma, Kiyoshi Horikawa


The sediment movement in the littoral zone occurs
in the form of bed load (material rolled and pushed
along the bottom by shear stress) and suspended load (material maintained in suspension by action of waves and currents). The present paper is concerned with studies through both the field and laboratory investigations intended to determine the concentration
patterns of suspended sediment due to action of surface waves. The distribution patterns of suspended
sediment sampled at an open coast were highly interesting in relation to functional and structural design of the cooling water intake system for the atomic power plant now being under construction at the Pacific Ocean coast of Tokai, Ibaragi Prefecture, Japan.
As far as the authors are concerned, the clear
relationship between hydraulic conditions, such as
height and period of waves, water depth, water temperature, etc., and sediment characteristics has not yet been established, although a number of researches have been conducted in the laboratory and in the field.


suspended sediment; bed load; suspended load

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