Leonardo Zeevaert


The Secretaria de Marina Nacional of Mexico, contemplates the construction of two long jetties at the mouth of the Grijalva River to permit safe navigation into the port of Prontera in the state of Tabasco, Fig 1. The port of Frontera is located in the estuary of the Grijalva River 9Km. from its mouth. The proposed jetties should reach into the sea to a depth of water of 6 mts. This requires a length from the mouth of the river of about 2000 mts, Fig 2. Rock fill jetties constructed in the past in this area on the fine sediments have failed by spreading and penetration into the fine cohesionless sediments encountered at the sea bottom. Heavy structures cannot be constructed on account of the low shearing strength of the submarine delta clay deposits that may be encountered at the mouth of the Qrijalva River.


jetty design; jetty foundations; settling

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