M. G. Sauvage, M. G. Vincent


This paper, entirely devoted to the study of phenomena connected with the evolution of sand banks, is introduced by a rapid survey of a few basic ideas about littoral drift; we point out the fundamental role of wave currents and more particularly of the currents caused by breaking waves.

We have attempted to determine the influence on littoral drift of such factors as: the wave characteristics, the wave steepness, the inclination of the wave crests breaking onto the beach, the nature of the beach material. The few experimental results given need to be completed and then compared with figures resulting from observations in nature; it is unfortunate that these latter are difficult and expensive to obtain.

After these general remarks on littoral drift, we consider a few aspects of the-development of sand banks such as the birth and evolution of littoral spits and tombolos, both of which are littoral formations presenting an obvious practical interest for the engineer responsible for the construction of ports on sandy coasts.


littoral drift; spits; tombolos; currents

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