Lawrence A. Farrer


Determination of wind tides and wave action is an essential step in the design of flood-control and navigation projects and of structures near large bodies of water which may be subjected to hurricane winds. In 1948, the Corps of Engineers initiated a program to collect wind-tide and wave data on Lake Okeechobee. Basic data collected and investigations made under that program have been published as a series of project bulletins, "Waves and Wind Tides in Inland Waters, Lake Okeechobee, Florida, and in a summary report, "Civil Works Investigation CW-167, Waves and Wind Tides in Shallow Lakes and Reservoirs." Data on wind velocities, wind tides, and waves have been collected under that program during six hurricanes and many minor storms. In this paper an attempt is made to summarize the results of the wind-tide studies and outline the procedure developed for computing wind tides on Lake Okeechobee.


wind tides; Lake Okeechobee; field data

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