Andreas Burzel, Dilani R. Dassanayake, Marie Naulin, Andreas Kortenhaus, Hocine Oumeraci, Thomas Wahl, Christoph Mudersbach, Jürgen Jensen, Gabriele Gönnert, Kristina Sossidi, Gehad Ujeyl, Erik Pasche


Extreme storm surges have frequently led to major damages also along the German coastline. The joint research project 'XtremRisK' was initiated to improve the understanding of risk-related issues due to extreme storm surges and to quantify the flood risk for two pilot sites at the open coast and in an estuarine area under present and future climate scenarios. In this context, an integrated flood risk analysis is performed based on the source-pathway-receptor concept under consideration of possible tangible and intangible losses. This paper describes the structure of the project, the methodology of the subprojects, and first results. Moreover, integration approaches are discussed. The results of 'XtremRisK' will be used to propose flood risk mitigation measures for the prospective end-users.


integrated flood risk analysis; source-pathway-receptor concept; storm surge; intangible flood damages


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