Lars Andersen, Hans Falk Burcharth, Thomas Lykke Andersen


Wave slamming on vertical breakwaters cause a sudden, impulsive load that may cause a caisson to slide on its foundation. Alternatively, geotechnical failure may occur in the subsoil. This paper investigates whether simple analytical solutions, accounting only for the sliding along the caisson–foundation interface, can be utilized to properly determine the deformations of the breakwater. Comparisons are made with results obtained by numerical models that include the material response of the soil. Firstly, a computational model is suggested that assumes a fully drained behavior of the subsoil. Secondly, a fully coupled dynamic pore-water-flow model is introduced. The computational examples clearly demonstrate that the deformations of the soil as well as the pore pressures must be
accounted for in order to get a reliable prediction of caisson deformations during wave impact.


caisson breakwater; wave impact; dynamic pore pressure; geotechnical failure


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