Jinshan Zhang, Jun Kong, Zhiyi Lei, Weisheng Zhang


This paper studied the interaction between the Estuary dynamic and storm surge induced by super tropical cyclone Winnie(1997) in Yangtze River Estuary with nested numerical model, which is driven by meso-scale meteorological model established. And the results indicate that, storm surges have significant influences on the Yangtze River Estuary. The maximum water level increase caused by storm surge can be monitored between Jiangyin and Xuliujing, whose exact position fluctuates owing to effects of the upstream runoff and estuarine tide. Furthermore the general laws about the relationships among astronomical tide, storm surge, and flood are revealed in this paper, and flood water level under storm surge events is predicted also.


the Yangtze River Estuary; Storm surge; Tidal reach; Runoff, Interactions; Increasing water


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