Qinghe Zhang, Feng Tan, Tao Han, Xiaoyuan Wang, Zhiqiang Hou, Hua Yang


Huanghua Harbor, located in the south-west coast of Bohai Bay, China, has frequently encountered severe channel siltation with sorting sedimentation along the channel during storm events since its construction. For prediction of channel siltation, a 3D numerical model of multi-fraction sediment transport based on the coupling of modified EFDC model and SWAN model is developed to investigate the sediment transport. It is shown from simulated results that the sorted sedimentation in the channel was well simulated in storm events, and the high sediment concentration near sea bed for silty coast during storm process can also be basically reflected by the model.


EFDC model; SWAN model; Sorting Sedimentation; multi-fraction sediment; sediment concentration


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