Ayumi Saruwatari, Wataru Matsuzaki, Yasunori Watanabe


A particle imaging measurement of granular particles was applied to fluidized and suspended solid particles involved in steady and unsteady shear flows. In this measurement, 42% sodium iodide solution was used as a fluid medium to coincide the refraction index with the transparent bed material (silica gel). Therefore, the vertical distributions of the granular velocity and turbulent behavior within the bed can be measured by tracking the dyed particles mixed with the bed material. The turbulent kinetic energy in the fluidized layer and particle concentration can also be measured using this technique. The turbulence developed over the bed disturbed the bed material, and as a result the surface particles were lifted and suspended. The underlying mechanism of fluidization and suspension of the sediment seabed in complex turbulent shear flow is believed to be understood through further parametric studies based on the present imaging technique.


granular bottom particles; suspension and fluidization; refractive index matching technique


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