Hisamichi Nobuoka, Nobuo Mimura


Coastal zones is one of the severe vulnerability area in the 21st century because of impact of rise in sea level according to global warming and increase in population, especially in mega-deltas. The vulnerability assessment in coastal zone can contribute to not only necessity of mitigation but also adaptation, against the global warming and the population problem. Though Hoozemans et al. (1993), Robert Nichols et al. (1999) and their later works carried out the basic assessments of coastal vulnerability in the world, the storm surges and high-astronomical tides did not hold enough accuracy.

The purpose of this study is to present the global map of storm surges and that flooding area, which made by the results of numerical simulation of storm surges due to tropical cyclones in last 50 years. Moreover, increase in flooded population by the storm surges is also projected during the 21st century.


storm surge; sea-level rise; vulnerability assessment


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