Kou Furuike, Takaaki Uda, Masumi Serizawa, Toshiro San-nami, Toshinori Ishikawa


On the Seisho coast, submarine canyons have developed very close to the shoreline and the discharge of fluvial sediment of the Sakawa River into the submarine canyons has been reported, resulting in the net loss of sand into the offshore zone. The beach topography under dynamically equilibrium conditions owing to the sediment supply from the river and the sand loss into the submarine canyons during several thousand years was reproduced using the contour-line-change model considering the grain size composition. Long-term beach changes around the submarine canyons were accurately predicted and the effect of beach nourishment using a mixture of fine and coarse materials was investigated.


submarine canyon; beach changes; long-term prediction; contour-line-change model; Seisho coast


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